Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee inquiry into the Social Security Legislation Amendment (Strengthening the Job Seeker Compliance Framework) Bill 2014

Jobs Australia has chosen to respond to the main measures that this bill proposes to implement. The submission does not cover every amendment. A number of amendments are minor or technical in nature and Jobs Australia does not seek to express a view on those measures.

Recommendation 1:
Jobs Australia supports the measures and recommends that Part 1 of the Bill be supported, with the following exceptions:

(i) Items 10 and 11 should be opposed, so that the right to administrative review is retained (however unlikely it is that anyone will use it); and
(ii) That an appropriate amendment be made to require the Secretary to lift a suspension if a re-connection cannot be scheduled within two days, or by a date specified in a legislative instrument which can be disallowed by the Parliament.

Recommendation 2:
Jobs Australia recommends that items 20-32 of Part 2 of the Bill be rejected.

Recommendation 3:
Jobs Australia recommends that items 13-19 of Part 2 of the Bill be supported.