Submission to Productivity Commission inquiry into the Workplace Relations Framework

This submission reflects Jobs Australia’s experience and expertise from its full range of member services.  This submission does not address every question raised in the Commission’s Issues Papers. Rather, we have sought to target our responses to those issues in which Jobs Australia has the greatest interest and expertise to offer.

Our submissions are numbered in accordance with the relevant Issues Paper and section to which we are responding.

In Section 2 we deal with the issue of safety nets.  As a peak body for organisations that provide assistance to unemployed Australians, we take a strong interest in the development of policies that reduce unemployment, while our work with community sector organisations as employers provides us with insights into the operation of the industrial relations system and how it affects employers.

In Sections 1, 3 and 4, from our industrial relations work with employers across the full range of non-profit community services, we make submissions regarding the workplace relations framework as it affects employers in that particular sector of the economy.