Jobs Australia Calls upon the Government to Allocate Funding for a Youth Transitions Service after 2014

Jobs Australia has just released a paper on youth transitions policy

Yesterday Jobs Australia launched its policy on Youth Transitions.  The policy and accompanying media release are attached. 

The key message from the policy is a recommendation that the Commonwealth Government should continue to deliver a specialised national youth transitions service like Youth Connections beyond 2014, with a focus on re-engagement with education and training. 

Thank you to those of you who participated in our consultation teleconferences in November last year and provided advice on how best to help disadvantaged young people to make successful transitions.  During the consultation process a clear message emerged: JSA lacks the capacity to provide the intensive support and individual case management needed by highly disadvantaged and disengaged young people.  Youth Connections, on the other hand, complements JSA by offering  flexible and holistic support, and outreach with the most disengaged, when it is needed. 

A copy of the policy has been sent to MPs in the Education and Employment portfolios, and Jobs Australia will continue to advocate for the Government to allocate funding for a service like Youth Connections in this year’s budget. 

Jobs Australia’s call for the continuation of a national youth transition service was picked up in an article on page 2 of today’s Australian.  A linked to the article is copied and pasted below.