Submission to the Indigenous Jobs and Training Review: there is no silver bullet

Jobs Australia's submission to the Indigenous jobs and training review, headed by Fortescue Metals' Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest, has highlighted the need for a diversity of approaches in Indigenous communities.

The submission is based on feedback from Jobs Australia's consultations with members and calls for approaches to programs in Indigenous communities to be driven by the local Indigenous people themselves, with a view to empowering communities and building on their strengths. According to the submission, approaches should be "locally driven and be strengths based, building on those things a person or community can do and not what they cannot", and "we should have appropriately high expectations of excellence and success".

To that end, the submission suggests looking at the consistencies in programs that have worked - things like:

  • Building motivation and confidence
  • Line of sight to a job
  • Co-ordinated or ‘wrap around’ servicing
  • Building foundation skills

However, the submission warns that approaches need to be adapted to the economic and labour market conditions of the communities in which they are delivered. The submission expresses support for demand-led approachs, but notes that they rely on the presence of strong employer demand. When there is an economic downturn, and employer demand collapses, other approaches are needed.

The full submission is now available on the review website, along with all other submissions received, at

Jobs Australia's submission can also be downloaded below.