Jobs Australia welcomes policy forward pikes

The national peak body for non-profit agencies that help unemployed people into work, Jobs Australia, has welcomed key measures in the 2015-16 Federal Budget.

The measures include a series of policy reversals, (perhaps more kindly referred to as policy forward pikes) particularly a number affecting young job seekers. The policy forward pikes include the abandonment of harsh and un-Australian 6 month waiting periods for income support and the reinstatement of a specialised youth transitions programme.

The CEO of Jobs Australia, David Thompson AM welcomed the policy forward pikes.

“Reinstating a youth transitions programme fills a significant gap in services which many young unemployed Australians desperately needed”, Mr Thompson said.

“With youth unemployment over 20% in some parts of the country, programmes that support young people and help them access opportunities in work and education are vital”.

Mr Thompson noted that funding for the new programme was almost the same as the former Youth Connections programme, which the Government allowed to lapse at the end of last year.

“It’s great that the Government has now recognised the important need for effective youth transition services and a great pity that services which closed down at the end of 2014 will now need to be re-established.  It’s great that the government has recognised the importance of specialist youth transition services and unfortunate that we now need to put them back after taking them apart.”, Mr Thompson said.