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Governance Manuals: This series of publications has been written by Terry Kilmister of Boardworks International for Jobs Australia. The information in this series has been tested and refined in workshops.  It is suitable for new as well as experienced Board members and the writing is clear and succinct. The series covers the three key areas Boards need to address.

P1: Is the workbook and covers the principles informing the roles and responsibilities of Boards, how they operate, make decisions and relate to the CEO.

P2: Provides a set of sample Board policies and guidance on the key considerations involved in each.  Includes a CD with sample policies.

P3: Describes the role of the Board in strategic planning and how to go about it effectively.


Set of 3 $110 (members)

Set of 3 $165 (non-members)

Local Hereos book cover

Beautifully designed and photographed, Local Heroes profiles 23 inspirational individuals working in various employment and training programs around Australia. Local Heroes will inspire current and prospective employment services staff and the unemployed people accessing your services. The book is also useful for staff training and induction, and for informing members of your Boards about the kind of work you do.


1-5 copies $22 each (members)   $24.20 each (non-members)

5+ copies $16.50 each (members)   $18.15 each (non-members)


Fair Go book cover

Fair Go for the Battlers: Developed as a rebuttal to the negative stereotypes of people in receipt of welfare payments these 'Stories of Resilience' will inspire and encourage workers in employment related services and jobseekers alike.  The honest and candid narratives,  blended with beautiful portraits will challenge readers about what it means to provide a 'Fair Go'


$10 (members)

$15 (non-members)

Positive Works book cover

Positive Works: This publication has been designed to assist front line workers and organisations to respond to Jobseekers who present with negative behaviours. Based on 20 years experience of service delivery and the proposition that unless we respond positively we risk being part of the problem.  Includes checklists, policy templates and workshop material by George Giuliani.


$22 (members)

$27 (non-members)

Forces at Work book cover

Forces at Work: How 10 Non-profits tackled unemployment and more in their communities.


$20 (members)

$25 (non-members)

More Forces at Work book cover

More Forces at Work: Is the second publication which tells the story of how 10 more Non-profits tackled unemployment and more in their communities.


$20 (members)

$25 (non-members)


Just Give Me A Chance: Refugees' Experiences of Finding Employment in Australia:  This book explains how Job Services Australia providers can support employers to recruit and retain this underutilised yet highly productive workforce.  Former refugees describe their journey to Australia, their search for work, and the places and people that helped them find jobs and settle into Australia.  Managers and staff from Job Services Australia providers and employers in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide describe the relationships they formed to support the training, recruitment and retention of people from refugee backgrounds.  This is a practical resource for staff working in employer liaison, vacancy canvassing and reverse marketing. You might also take copies to Job Expos, employer breakfasts, community events and other marketing activities.


1-2 copies $20 each

3-10 copies $15 each

10+ copies $10 each

 Just Give Me a Chance

Words from the Heart:  life, love and laughter:   The Indigenous Forces at Work conference in June 2010, organised by Jobs Australia (through our Indigenous Training Network), provided a forum to highlight best practice in engaging Indigenous Australians in vocational education and training and associated pathways to employment.  The ten Indigenous storytellers who travelled from communities throughout Australia to participate were the highlight of the Conference. The storytellers shared personal stories about their lives, their experience of education and training and their careers.

Their stories have been collated and published in a multimedia pack including an anthology, a learner guide and a DVD.


$25 (members & non-members)

Words From the Heart book cover

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Poetry Collection book cover

Poetry Collection: What Body Part Do I Need to Sell?  Poetic re-presentations of experiences of poverty and fear from low-Income Australians receiving welfare benefits.  Based on interviews from a larger three-year study funded by Jobs Australia and the Australian Research Council, and in conjunction with a number of universities throughout Australia, we have developed a gritty depiction of life on a low income.  The poems bring home the meaning of poverty experienced by many of our fellow citizens.  A lack of money inspires not just shame, anxiety and occasionally stoic resignation, but also a powerful sense of injustice:  that things could be different!


$15 (members & non-members)

All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the Jobs Australia Foundation which aims to achieve positive social change by providing direct assistance and support to the country’s most marginalised people and communities. The Foundation’s current focus is Indigenous youth leadership development.

Jobs Australia Foundation ABN 98 012 114 592. The Trustee for the Jobs Australia Foundation Trust is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient.