ACT Workshop 17 March 2014: Update on current IR issues

Jobs Australia will be presenting a workshop to be hosted by ACTCOSS on “Industrial Relations Issues around Workforce Management”.

The workshop is free and is aimed at community sector employers.  There will be an update on a range of topics including:

  • Reviews of modern awards:
    • The recent decision on overtime for casuals arising from the 2012 review of the SCHADS award. 
    • The 2014 review of modern awards has commenced. We provide an update on a range of issues likely to affect community organisations. This is also an opportunity to provide feedback about issues you have identified with current modern awards.
  • Update on the ACT Community Sector MEA.
  • Proposed amendments to the Fair Work Act and what they mean for community sector employers.
  • Trends in bargaining for the community sector: Lessons from other states and Territories.
  • Bullying: Since 1 January FWC have had new powers to prevent workplace bullying. We provide an update on how the new jurisdiction of FWC works, and insights from some of the early decisions.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity: Update on reporting requirements for some employers under the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012.
  • Plenty of opportunity for discussion and to raise any other industrial issues of concern to your organisation.

To register go to the ACTCOSS website