Member Services and Benefits

Jobs Australia’s services are designed to support our members with low-cost, high quality industrial relations, insurance, information and policy services.

Employment Services Tender Advice and Support

We will provide high quality analysis and tender review services for the forthcoming DES-DMS and JSA tenders as well as ongoing policy advice and support on a wide array of programmes.

Our policy team provides:

  • One-on-one tailored advice and support for members, helping them to resolve problems, network and collaborate with other Jobs Australia members.
  • Timely, relevant information, advice and representation about key policy questions.

We also advocate to government on a range of policy issues affecting our members, providing an independent voice without the constraints that come with government funding.

Community Sector Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management

The industrial relations environment continues to add to the challenges facing our members.  The Jobs Australia IR Team continues to provide quality advice for employers, informed by our in-depth understanding of the realities of the employment and community services sectors.

The IR service is free to Jobs Australia members. Contact us for advice and representation regarding:

  • Employment contracts and award entitlements;
  • Managing performance, misconduct, ill health and restructuring;
  • Formal disputes such as unfair dismissal or general protections claims; and
  • Enterprise bargaining.

There is more to managing a workforce than just the rules set out in an award.  We also provide high quality consultancy and training on good human resource management practice, tailored to the needs of non-profit community organisations. Call 1800 331 915 to find out more.

Blanket Cover Insurance Program

The Blanket Cover Insurance Program is currently undertaking a review that incorporates a greater member perspective on both the Program and the improvements that might be made.  In addition to  the National Workers’ Compensation Project, we are currently compiling a National Training Calendar that will provide valuable one on one and group training opportunities centred on managing your workplace risks, what to do in the event of an incident and (especially in relation to the Workers’ Compensation Project) how best to reintegrate an injured worker back into the workplace.

In many cases, the Jobs Australia membership fee has equalled or been exceeded by the savings members have made by switching their insurance cover to the Jobs Australia Blanket Cover Insurance Program.

If you are keen to receive some savings on your annual insurance spend, please call us or visit our website at

National Community Sector Workers’ Compensation

The objective of this Program is to provide you with expert assistance to reduce the stress and disruption to your business as a result of a workplace injury.

We will assist you to:

  • Focus on your core business by reducing the stress of managing Workers’ Compensation and injury management;
  • Mitigate the exposure of your business to increased premiums and rising costs of workplace injury;
  • Gain access to specialised knowledge in workers’ compensation and injury management;
  • Increase productivity within your workplace;
  • Increase profitability; and
  • Reduce staff turnover.


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