Jobs Australia Membership Categories

Jobs Australia offers three categories of membership:

  1. Jobs Australia Membership;
  2. Community Sector Industrial Relations (CSIR) Subscription; and
  3. Indigenous Training Network

We also offer our Blanket Cover Insurance Program to Jobs Australia members and CSIR subscribers. Listed below is general information about each of these categories with links to further information.

If you would like to enquire about any of these categories, fill out our Membership Enquiry Form and we will respond as soon as possible.

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Jobs Australia Membership
Community Sector Industrial Relations (CSIR) Subscription
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Blanket Cover Insurance Program

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Jobs Australia Membership is for nonprofit organisations engaged in the delivery of programs and services to assist unemployed people to gain and retain employment.

Jobs Australia membership services are designed to be responsive to the needs of our members and to contribute to their capacity to succeed in increasingly complex and demanding program delivery environments. Our services are regularly reviewed and developed to ensure they stay relevant to our members’ needs.

Jobs Australia Membership benefits and services include:

  • Consultation and representation
  • Business support
  • Nonprofit management and governance
  • Industrial relations and Human Resource Management advice and support
  • Policy research
  • Networking opportunities

Jobs Australia Membership includes all the services available in the Community Service Industrial Relations Subscription detailed below.

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The Community Sector Industrial Relations Subscription is a service for nonprofit community service organisations that are seeking industrial relations and human resource management support but are not eligible for Jobs Australia membership (that is, your organisation does not engage in the delivery of programs and services to assist unemployed people and other disadvantaged people to gain and retain employment).

There is more to managing a workforce than just the rules set out in an award.  We also provide consultancy and training around good HR practice, tailored to the needs of nonprofit community organisations.

The Community Services Industrial Relations Subscription service includes advice on:

  • Employment contracts and award entitlements
  • Managing performance, misconduct,  ill health and restructuring
  • Formal disputes such as unfair dismissal or general protections claims
  • Enterprise bargaining

 The subscription also includes:

  • Professional industrial relations advice and representation
  • Human Resource Management
  • Events, training and workshops
  • Review of contracts and classifications
  • Enterprise agreement support and drafting

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The Jobs Australia Indigenous Network is a network of over 90 Indigenous Organisations in remote and regional Australia who deliver culturally appropriate training in Indigenous Communities.

The Indigenous Network builds the capacity of member organisations by supporting their existing training services and helping them to share their experiences and good practices.

To be eligible your organisation must provide employment services or training aimed at Indigenous people or organisations that make significant capacity building contributions to Indigenous organisations.

The Network builds capacity of Indigenous Communities and Organisations involved in Vocational Education and Training by assisting them to:

  • identify local VET needs;
  • gain access to support and advice from existing successful Indigenous RTOs and to network with other Indigenous organisations;
  • identify community members with existing VET skills and support their career enhancement and development within the VET sector;
  • access Jobs Australia support and advice on VET; and
  • access funding opportunities via tender information.

There are 3 membership categories:

  • Non Profit and community based organisations;
  • For Profit Organisations and Sole Traders; and
  • Associate members (non-Indigenous organisations whose client base is Indigenous)

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Jobs Australia’s  Blanket Cover Program is an an insurance solution that protects your organisation’s resources, reputation and accountability. It is only available to members of Jobs Australia.

The Blanket Cover Program was developed over 20 years ago in response to the difficulty many nonprofits experienced in obtaining Insurance Cover that was both competitive in price and broad enough to cover the range of activities that many organisations undertook to provide services and assistance to disadvantaged people in their local communities.

Today, we provide access to a broad and comprehensive suite of insurance policies that are arranged by our broker, Aon Risk Services, and which enable member activities to be carried out with minimal risk.

The combined purchasing power of the Jobs Australia network enables its members and other community organisations to access the Master Policies contained in the Blanket Cover Program at a cost that is usually significantly lower than any individual member could obtain if it were to arrange and pay for similar insurance policies.

The level and scope of the insurance policies provided under the Blanket Cover Program are generally far higher or broader than any individual member can obtain.

Classes of Insurance under the Jobs Australia Blanket Cover program include:

  • Combined General Public and/or Products Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Fire and Perils
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability and Company Guarantee
  • Personal Accident for Volunteers and Job Seekers
  • Personal Accident for Employees
  • Fidelity Guarantee Cover
  • Transit Cover
  • Motor Vehicle (non-owned)

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