Community Sector Industrial Relations Subscriber Information

Because we are dealing with a complex industrial system, and every employee is different, it’s easy for problems to start out simple but then become difficult. That’s when you need professional advice. The wrong advice can cost not just a lot of money, but also time, energy and the reputation of your service. That is why Jobs Australia established CSIR.

It’s a constant issue for employers in the community sector – the need to juggle the demands of clients, funding bodies, and community stakeholders - and still be a good employer getting the best from employees.

Our expert Industrial Relations Advisers know the Australian industrial relations system and understand the workplace culture in the community sector.

They can:

  • help you to meet your obligations as an employer; and
  • work with you to find timely and effective solutions to any industrial relations or human resource problems that might arise.
  • We specialise in the community sector, and Jobs Australia is a non-profit community organisation itself. We understand the challenges faced by volunteer committees of management, managing on a shoestring, and community sector values. CSIR is provided by Jobs Australia to all kinds of community organisations throughout Australia. 

As a subscriber you will receive: 

  • Advice A toll free 1800 telephone service for prompt free advice on any industrial relations or human resource issue, including hiring staff and drafting contracts, rates of pay, termination of employment, and other employment conditions;
  • Representation of your organisation in negotiations on employment matters, such as enterprise bargaining, performance management, unfair dismissal claims, and disputes (additional fees apply for labour intensive cases);
  • Awards a free copy of each award used by your organisation and associated pay tables and award updates when any award is varied; 
  • Updates regular industrial relations bulletins to keep you informed of developments in the areas of industrial relations, and human resource management; 
  • Training access to our program of workshops on topical issues as well as tailored programs on request to help promote good HRM practice; 
  • On-line access to our various industrial relations publications including Guides to Contracts, Disciplinary Action, and Redundancy; 

Consultancy Services:

Most issues can be dealt with easily over the telephone. However, some issues are more complex and may need additional time for research or attendance at tribunals. In these circumstances further charges and conditions do apply. We recognise the realities of the nonprofit community sector, and so we aim to keep our charges low and very competitive.

Generally for industrial issues such as disputes, the first hour is free. All work and advice in excess of the first hour, including representation at industrial tribunals on disputes such as unfair dismissal claims will be charged at our very competitive hourly rate.

We also provide consultancy services for HR management and workplace investigations.

Consultancy services include:
Position Evaluation Service
Workplace Mediation

Positions Vacant:

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