Employing a flexible workforce in a person-centred environment


To learn more about flexible working practices that support a person-centred environment, improve employee engagement and workforce utilisation and comply with industrial regulations, ADHC funded non-government disability service providers are invited to register below to attend a one-day workshop delivered by Jobs Australia.

During the workshops, participants will:

  • explore the challenges facing organisations in terms of attracting, recruiting and retaining a flexible and responsive workforce;
  • consider flexible employment opportunities within the existing Industrial Relations (IR) framework; and,
  • receive up-to-date IR information and guidance.
  1. Lismore - Monday 4 May (9.30-4.30)
  2. Canterbury - Thursday 21 May (9.30-4.30)
  3. Orange - Wednesday 27 May (9.30-4.30)
  4. Parramatta - Wednesday 3 June (9.30-4.30)
  5. Hunter - Thursday 11 June (9.30-4.30)

This workshop is suitable for individuals responsible for human resource management, workforce strategy and planning, workforce development, recruitment and line management in ADHC-funded non-government organisations.

If you have previously attended one of the above workshops, you do not need to register and attend again.

The above workshops and supporting tools and resources have been developed as part of the NDS NSW IR and Workforce Development Project, funded by the NSW Government and are available to ADHC funded non-government disability service providers.

Contact information:

Jay Richardson, NDS, IR and Workforce Development Project Manager, 02 9256 3107, jay.richardson@nds.org.au